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Styling on a Budget

I LOVE FASHION & I do it the COKO way! I like to mix high & low end brands. As long as I feel good & I think I look good, I'll go with it. You don't always have to spend $1000 on a pair of shoes or anyhting for that matter...Well, I do spend a lot on my bags. 😱 Anywho, there are times that I do spend a lot on my shoes but, it's not something that makes me. I can make whatever work. This outfit I have on is very budget friendly. The red sweater which I also have in black is from $49, jeans: $40 (fashionnova), shoes: $70 (Nastygal) and headband: Gucci $250. The outfit is pretty cute & comfortable I think. Like I always say, I am 47 Fabulous & Fierce!!! Age is nothing but a number! Smooches!💋

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07 jun. 2018

marion jenkins
marion jenkins
05 jan. 2018

Love the outfit you are killin it you look fabulous Coko.😍😍❤️❤️

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