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Life thought it was going to kick me in the butt! But, I took control of that thing. I made a right turn down HAPPY lane and have been working on my happiness ever since. While it hasn't been easy, it's working out for my good. I choose to be HAPPY!!

I'm spending a lot of time with myself and I love me some ME! I'm really excited about the woman that I'm becoming. We all have choices!

I choose to love myself first!

I choose to smile!

I choose to laugh out loud!

I choose positive thoughts!

I choose to live life to the fullest!

I choose to love those that love ME for ME!

And I choose to give God all the praise and glory for keeping me even when I didn't want to be kept!

See, we all have a sad story somewhere but, we can't let it consume us. Push through and fight to the end. God is good in your good times and your bad times.

Choose to LOVE YOURSELF!!!!


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